Breakfast & Lunch


Osborn Oats $5
Oatmeal (oats, maple syrup, yogurt, cinnamon, almond butter & brown sugar), served cold, topped with banana, apple slices and blackberries
Gluten & Fruit Parfait $5
gluten-free granola (dried cranberries, honey & cashew), yogurt, and seasonal fruit
Avocado Toast $5
Mashed avocado, black pepper & sea salt on whole grain bread
Beaningful Bowl $5
Chia Pudding (Chia seeds, coconut milk, vanilla and maple syrup) topped with bananas, raspberries and Granola (w/dried cranberries, honey & cashews)
Baked Goods MKT
Assorted fresh baked goods
Beaningful Breakfast Sandwich $8
Hard-boiled egg, prosciutto, swiss, on whole grain bread served with a side of seasonal fruit

Lunch Sandwiches

Served with artisan kettle chips or potato salad
Egg & Herb $6.95
Egg, onion, herbed aioli, baby bok choy, cucumber, arugula, greens, on whole grain bread
Chicken Apple Brie $8.95
Chicken, apple, brie, greens, herbed aioli, on whole grain bread
Ham & Swiss $6.95
Ham and swiss with lettuce on whole grain bread
Cubana Urbana $8.95
Salami, prosciutto, pickles, baby bok choy, arugula, swiss, stone ground mustard, lemon honey Tajín Oil, on whole grain bread
Turkey & Swiss $6.95
Turkey and swiss with lettuce on whole grain bread
Egg Salad $6.95
Egg, herbed aioli, cucumber, baby bok choy on whole grain bread

Lunch Salads & Soups

Served with toast and butter
Beet Salad $9.95
Mixed greens, tri-color beets, Hobby Farmer zesty beets, onion, goat cheese and cider vinaigrette
Farro $9.95
Farro, tomato, onion, greens, avocado, pistachio, grana padano, basil
Daily Soup $4.95
From local soup maker At Last
Add A Cup Of Soup $2.95
Add a cup of soup to any sandwich or salad
Harvest $9.95
Apples, dried cranberries, brie, pumpkin seeds, hard boiled egg mixed greens, arugula, cider vinaigrette
Chicken Caeser $7.95
Romaine, shaved parmesan, grilled chicken and croutons with Caesar dressing
Soup & Half-Sandwich $6.95
Cup of daily soup with half an egg salad, turkey & swiss or ham & swiss sandwich, served with oyster crackers